Ink4Less And Still Less

A firm in Portland, Oregon wants consumers to pay less for their printer ink. The experienced people at Ink4Less know you have been paying tooink4less-logo-rd-vt much. They re-manufacture cartridges for ink and toner which you can then use in an office or home setting, printing a few sheets weekly or twenty sheets per hour. As a result, their ink and toner is already 50% cheaper than new products, and this helps you be eco-friendly, recycling instead of disposing of items.

Quality Cartridges

Customers are getting top-notch products even though they pay bargain-basement prices. Ink4Less has heard of cartridges lasting longer once they have been recycled than they did when new. Each product is guaranteed, however, and technicians can help you with printer problems too. You don’t need to buy a brand-new cartridge which probably isn’t full anyway. Buy one for less, and it could be improved in every way.

Problems with the Printer

Give them a call at their Portland office and find out if there is a simple fix. They will not charge for quick, over-the-phone support. Technicians are experienced with printers, cell phones, laptops, and electronics, generally, so give them a try and they could have a simple answer to what seemed like a tough problem. If the issue is more complicated and has to be dealt with in person, Ink4Less still doesn’t charge as much as a big company would.

Less for More

Here is the menu of printer brands they both carry and rebuild. If your cartridge is not on their menu, Ink4Less will order in the parts they need. Otherwise, your product will probably be a Brother, Canon, or Dell; Hewlett Packard, Samsung, or Lexmark; Epson, Source Technologies, or Sharp; IBM, Xerox, Panasonic, Ricoh, or Pitney Bowes.

Deals at Ink4Less

Stop by their website and find deals like up to half-off the regular price, cheap monitors, used desktop PCs, and used printers, inkjet or laser. Find out about economical monthly mobile phone plans, used laptops, and Ink4Less is dedicated to satisfying their customers; they say this is their single objective. Of course, the other one is making a living, but they seem to have found a good niche in which to make the most of specialized skills. Their technicians offer a combined experience of more than half a century where computer repairs are concerned. They quickly and expertly remove viruses, install networks and diagnose them, repair printers, and rebuild entire systems.

More for Even Less

Already, Ink4Less is offering customers a great deal and doing their part to preserve the environment. Even if they didn’t charge half the price, customers should feel good about doing their part of being “green.” With – ink4less promo codes, however, consumers enjoy an even better deal. These professionals supply consumers with up to 75% off their purchase if they order within the time frame given. Coupon codes also include 10% off of refill and replacement and tell clients about shipping deals. The shipping costs listed on promotional sites are not special rates but advertise the going rates for posting orders to clients. There is no cost for orders over $49 no matter what service you want. Watch out for recurring deals, new deals, and also contests which are posted on the Ink4Less website regularly. Join their email list and be among the first to read about new promotions and contests.

Last Words on Ink4Less

Customers are wary of online sales, and they are uncertain about companies they have never heard of, but Ink4Less is different. They get an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and are actually accredited with the BBB. That’s a choice businesses make; accreditation with this organization is not mandatory, but it inspires trust. Also, Ink4Less got started almost two decades ago. Their website might be new to you, but the firm itself isn’t new at all. Thirdly, personal details like address and credit card number are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption, a certified form of security which prevents hackers from stealing your information.

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