Imaginative Design For Kids At Kidorable


Adults with well-developed imaginations and a love for children launched an online store called Kidorable in an effort to inspire kids to be more creative. Their designs give kids and parents ideas about how to “make believe” and could be instrumental in getting families away from screens.

A Problem with Creativity

In the modern world, too many children are unable to make anything up anymore. Ideas, stories, and images are fed to them, so they are not required to make that part of their brains work. Imaginations are dying. Without a creative side, life is intolerable, and people have to find distractions to feed their minds during hard or merely dull times when they have to wait in line-ups. Ours is an impatient generation. The founders of Kidorable saw this and believed the new generation of youngsters could be spared from a similar fate. In a world where there is more free time, where every hour isn’t filled up with lessons and sports, and where the screen is shut-off more often or potentially thrown out, kids will learn life skills that today’s young adults don’t know. These include problem-solving, learning to find their own amusement without technology and instructions, and relating to real people.

Scary Thought

If it sounds extremist to imagine this is the way of the world, just take a look around. Sociologists and counselors have measured the results, and they see that what grandparents have foretold is actually true. Kids need to slow down, engage with one another more, and just be kids.

Joyful Alternative

Kidorable is a company that finds joy in imagination and inspires kids and their parents to find that same joy with small, non-technical tools. These are kids’ accessories which are designed to inspire creativity and fun. Ordinary activities can become the means for a playful afternoon when the prospect would have otherwise appeared dull, such as a walk to preschool or a long wait in the grocery store queue.

Release Schedule

Every year, Kidorable aims to release one or maybe a pair of new styles and lines available for internet sales. The typical customer will be aged 2 to around six years old, but some items would suit kids up to the age of 12 or infants. Their safety standards are rigid; there is no excuse for lowering these standards and ensuring top-notch quality in everything they sell. Kidorable doesn’t just test for domestic standards but ensures items meet international regulations. Nothing they market is made with toxic substances such as lead or phthalates.

Sales and Shipping

For now, there are no physical stores to walk into and browse. Customers use the SSL-certified online portal and pay for goods there. Add what you want to the shopping cart, check your order, then head to the virtual till where you can also redeem a coupon code if you have one. Create an account and shipping and taxes will be determined automatically.

Kidorable Promo Codes

The website offers its own deals, like free shipping in exchange for your email address. Sign up, and Kidorable will send information about promotions, deals, and new releases. On other sites like,, coupons and promotions entitle customers to product discounts, like one right now for 10% off of your purchase. There are items like “free bonus gift” and “free umbrella.” Shipping costs extra until your order exceeds $100.

Items at Kidorable

With all of the dry adult stuff out of the way, let’s move on to kids’ stuff: imaginative accessories. Choose a style or a line. Garments are “styled” after an animal or character like a butterfly, shark, or fairy, so there are selections for boys and girls alike. Browse a line instead and discover boots, rain coats, hangers, hats, and more. Children dress up in these articles and pretend to be animals, super heroes, fanciful characters, and TV figures like Dora. Styles are colorful, durable, and easy to maintain. Drop by the website for a peek at the full catalog and find yourself enchanted with Kidorable.

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