Is EVO Dog Food Any Good?

evo-familyEating healthier is not just a fad anymore. People are constantly looking for that next best healthy eating regimen that will improve their lives. This phenomenon has carried over to the pet food industry as well.
Evo dog food has emerged as one of the leading brands to offer dogs a high-quality diet that is as natural and comparable to their ancestors’ original mixture of foods.
Despite those claims, is Evo dog food really any good?
Evo Dog Food Formulas
Evo produces a variety of different formulas of dog food. They include mixtures of Herring and Salmon, Red Meat (large and small bites), and Turkey and Chicken (also large and small bites). Each recipe includes a related AAFCO nutrient profile and these are all dry dog foods.
Evo Dog Food Ingredients
Based on the ingredients alone, Evo appears to be an above-average dry dog food. Ingredient quality, however, is not the only thing that determines the overall effectiveness and value of a good dog food. For example, the food’s meat content is an important factor in determining whether Evo dog food is good or not.
Evo has a dry matter protein content of about 47%. Carbohydrate content hovers around 21% and the fat level is about 24%. The average protein content of all recipes is about 47%. The average fat level of all mixtures is 24%.
This all suggests that the carbohydrate content for the whole line of Evo foods is about 21-22%. In addition, the fat-to-protein ratio is about 50%. Compared to other dry dog foods, Evo has average protein and fat and below average carbohydrate readings.
Evo Recall History
While it can be difficult to find all instances of a recall (both voluntary and mandatory), there are a handful of recalls involving Evo in the past. There were four recalls on dog foods in which Evo was included in 2013.
On June 18, 2013, Natura Pet Products of Fremont, Nebraska voluntarily recalled lots of dry dog food because they were believed to contain Salmonella. In those lots was the Evo brand among many others.
On April 29, 2013, the same company issued an expanded recall on an earlier recall which included the brand Evo.
It’s important to point out that recalls are not always an indication of the products overall quality. Contamination can happen at any point in the manufacturing and/or distribution process regardless of quality control measures that are implemented.
Also, many voluntary recalls can be precautionary in nature and the products recalled may not be contaminated at all.
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